Telework and Energy

"It's time", the guru said, "to talk of many things. Of oil reserves, and SUVs and why we can't grow wings."

--Apologies to Lewis Carroll

First, the Bottom Line:
In 2005 we thought that it was very doubtful that world oil production could increase much beyond the 2005 values. "Yet oil demand continued to grow. Unless something changes, soon there will be a crash."

At least that's what we thought in 2005. Today it's a similar story but with a different twist.

The facts.

What next?

Although telework has enjoyed considerable success over the past four decades, the time has come to get serious about its future. It may soon no longer be a case of tweaking business performance or personal work-life accommodation but of survival in a world-as-we-would-like-to-know-it. After 9/11 we have received an increasing number of queries about telework as a disaster recovery option. Now it's time to think about disasters other than those created by terrorists or upheavals in the Earth's crust.

In its 1 April 2005 lead story the Financial Times posted the following list of recommendations from the International Energy Agency:

Now the evidence is mounting that global warming is real and that it is human-caused. The best way to weather a crisis is to be prepared for it well in advance or, better, to try to avert it altogether. For more on a similar potential crisis situation consider the bird flu problem.

Jack Nilles

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